Meraki API & PowerShell

Meraki API & PowerShell

After a lot of work, people at my work determined how to implement 802.1X on our Meraki appliances however we had a significant roadblock. We had numerous Meraki networks that would need to be updated and we were advised the best way to get this done was to manually change each network within the Meraki Dashboard. While not a challenging task, but with the numerous screens that have to be navigated it was a time consuming task.

In the past I used a combination of Postman, Newman & Python with the Meraki API to rapidly create Meraki Networks. With this method, we would copy a template device and then apply the unique values (NetworkName, IP, Subnet, & Serial). This method required the installation of several software packages in order to run the script. In this use case, I wanted to simplify the process.

I quickly determined that PowerShell was the right program to utilize the Meraki API. It had the advantages of common installation on workstations and all the tasks of the process could be done in one program. There is a lot of information on how to use the Meraki API with Postman however not nearly as much information on using the API with PowerShell. After searching thru forum posts found on search engines and documentation on the Invoke-RestMethod, I figured out how to make this work.


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